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About Us

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Card Personalization Products and Services
Your solution to plastic cards and card personalization systems

IQ-Card Limited was established in 2003 and its activities are covering the fields of plastic cards and card personalization systems production and reselling.

The company is specialized in plastic cards production, plastic cards personalization systems and plastic cards applications in the banking, public and retail market segments.

IQ-Card has been founded by professional with long expertise in the specific technological sector and is staffed by co-operators with high-level of specialization and know-how.

We are offering complete solutions, technologically advanced, integrating with high quality products and augmented with excellent services.

Providing an excellent customer service,
IQ-Card has established agreements with leading international firms in the market segment of plastic cards and personalization equipment for distribution and reselling of their products and services.

In short IQ-Card provides products, solutions and services in the following areas:

Plastic cards production.
Card printing and personalization machines.
Metal plates printing machines.
Card management systems.
Card printing management systems.
EMV card issuance and personalization systems.
Consumer loyalty systems.
ID systems.
POS and POS peripherals: bar code readers, magnetic stripe readers, smart card readers etc.
Specialized & custom software applications.
Support and maintenance services.
Project implementation services.

Since 2005, IQ-Card is the official authorized distributor and repair centre of CIM (an MF Group SpA division) machines and card personalization systems, for more than twelve (12) countries in East and South East Europe among which are:
F.Y.R.O.M and

MF Group SpA with head quarters in Bologna, Italy is one of the biggest manufacturers of cards and metal plates printing and personalization machines worldwide.

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