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Service Bureau

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Card Personalization Products and Services
Your solution to plastic cards and card personalization systems

Service Bureau Services
IQ-Card operates as service bureau for card personalization services. Our production line can personalize, print and encode cards with or without magnetic stripe and / or chip.

The personalization services that are offered fall into the following categories:
Data entry
Data processing and transformation
Database management
Card personalization production from processed databases
Image scanning
Image processing & digitization
Flat printing, thermal transfer, thermal retransfer
Indent print
Emboss print
Magnetic Stripe Encoding (LoCo, MeCo & HiCo)
Chip encoding

Flat printing
All MS Windows™ font types
All known bar-code types
Monochrome or color printing
Logo, image and picture printing

Emboss & Indent Printing
Embossed characters
Standard Gothic
Indent characters

Magnetic stripe encoding
Low Coercivity (300 Oe).
High Coercivity (4000 Oe).
Medium Coercivity (2750 Oe).

Micro-chip encoding
Protected Memory Cards (T=1 Synchronous, Block-level transmission protocol).
Protected File Cards (T=1 or T=0).
Microprocessor Card (T=0 Asynchonous, Character-level transmission protocol).

Service Bureau Equipment and Software

Personalization Machines & Systems
Thermal Transfer

Personalization Machines & Systems
Thermal Transfer
High Resolution Thermal Retransfer

Inserters & Enveloping Machines
Desktop Inserters

Card Personalization Software
Professional Card Design
Data Management
Color Card Prinitng
Card Personalization

Software: AsureID®
Secure Card Prinitng
Secure Card Personalization
Photo-ID & RF-ID Card Secure Personalization

Software: Advantage & rewardMe
Customer Database Management
Employees Database Management
Consumer Electronic Loyalty Management
Close Electronic Purse
Pre-Paid and Gift Card Management

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